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Begin A New Journey With Your Dream Home Right At The First Time

Why need Property Selection?
Whether you're on the hunt for a new home or seeking a savvy investment, your choice of property is paramount. We all want a property that not only offers great value for money but also promises a substantial return on investment. And let's not forget the importance of finding the perfect living space that aligns with your dreams.

But how do you ensure that the property you're eyeing is truly meant for you? The answer lies in the power of Feng Shui. Before making a commitment, it's crucial to conduct a thorough Feng Shui audit of the property. This will reveal how the property can support your life goals, spanning areas such as career success, health and well-being, harmonious relationships, and academic achievements.

In a market flooded with a bountiful of residential and commercial properties, including exciting new launches, making the right choice is a task that requires caution and wisdom. Trust our expertise to guide you in selecting a property that not only meets your expectations but also promises a future of prosperity and fulfillment. Your dream property awaits – let's find it together!

ezProperty Selection

What is ez Property Selection Consultation?
At ez Property Selection, our foremost mission is to empower prospective homeowners like you to confidently assess and harness the full Feng Shui potential of your dream homes, creating an environment that not only suits you but also enriches the lives of your loved ones. For commercial offices, we specialize in evaluating their growth potential, ensuring a smart and high-value investment. The consultation will be delivered as an online session.

Selecting a property with favorable Feng Shui isn't just a preference; it's a prudent financial decision. Remedying a property with less-than-ideal Feng Shui can be a costly endeavor. Choose wisely today, secure a harmonious and prosperous future for you and your family, or ensure your commercial venture thrives with the guidance of a property selection.
The shortlisted units will be accessed for their Feng Shui potentials, their suitable facing direction, and floor plan based on your Date of Birth. We apply only authentic Classical Feng Shui and Qi Men Dun Jia principles in the property assessment.

Who will benefit from this service?
Prospective Tenants who are looking for a good-value Home to support their life endeavors during the tenancy period.

Why it is important?
Even if you are just renting a home for a short-term lease, you should maximize the rent you’re paying by ensuring that you are blessed with positive energies that could support your life endeavors during your tenancy. Remember, it is about how energies flow into and circulate within the house, and in terms affect the well-being of the occupants.

Potential Home-Buyers who are looking for and screening out new and resale landed properties, condominiums and apartments as well as EC (Executive Condominium) and the regular BTO (Build-to-Order) housing launches by HDB, as a good-value investment or as their dream home with a peace of mind, without the sound technicalities of Feng Shui knowledge.

What's for the Home Buyers?
This service provides homebuyers with additional details on the Feng Shui aspects of the property that they are interested with, and the suitability of this property with the occupants. This initiative hopes to provide the homebuyers with an honest opinion on the Feng Shui potential of the property and additional level of assurance in selecting the right property that would support your life's ambitions. After all, investing in a property nowadays involves a large substantial amount of money, and this service aims to minimize the risk of making the wrong choice.

When is the best time to engage this Service?
Potential buyers who have shortlisted 2 or 3 different units, before committing the purchase or booking of their choice property.

How will the Report be delivered?
  • An Analysis report for your shortlisted properties will be delivered to you as an email pdf attachment in about 7 working days or earlier.
  • Should more time is needed owing to more analysis is required, you will be notified of the new estimate date of delivery.

What is Required?
  • Floor Plan of your Property*.
  • Property's details with Project Name, Site Plan of the development.
  • Date and Time of Birth of all occupants.
Note: * Property refers to proposed or existing house, HDB, Apartment, Condo with the given directions.

Consultation Fee
Residential Home (online): Ask for Quote
  • for all non-landed house types only.
  • an analysis report for your shortlisted homes.
  • a call-up session for the consultation.
  • an optional meetup session can be arranged, please contact me for details.

Landed Residential / Commercial / Industrial: Ask for Quote
  • for landed homes, retails, offices, factories, etc.
  • an analysis report for your shortlisted homes.
  • a call-up session for the consultation.
  • an optional meetup session can be arranged, please contact me for details.

Contacting Me
If you are interested for an ez Property Selection, you can reach me for more information with the following contacting details:

+65-9823 1354

Consultation Hours:
Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Sunday & PH Closed

*Note: I do not pick up calls that are displayed as "Private Numbers" or "No Caller ID" owing to spam calls concern.
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