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Commonly Asked Questions
For a Clearer Picture from the Uncertainties

Q1. A property investor is asking whether Property Investment requires a Feng Shui analysis as she is not living there?
Feng Shui can play key role in ascertaining a good-value and timely property whether for investment or own stay.

Although the Feng Shui of the property will not affect her directly as she is not living in the property, it could affect her tenants if she intends to lease out the property for rental returns. And when she decides to sell the property, it is always good to tag with a good Feng Shui index. This can be one of the unique selling points, especially advantageous competing with others when reselling the property.

Q2. A friend of mine was asking if it is worth the investment to buy a Boar crystal figurine to improve his personal nobleman luck based on his date of birth?
As Classical Feng Shui does not focus on object placement, my advice to him is that instead of getting a figurine, he might as well "use" the Northwest or the Boar sector of his home more often, whether for work, study or making your phone calls to your clients, etc. Activating your Personal Nobleman sector is about using the space.

Q3. Is living near a T-junction bad Feng Shui?
It depends whether on the elevation of road junction and how's busy the traffic flow to towards this junction. Generally, lower elevation is preferred in this junction.

Q4. A client asked about a property that he was considering to invest, and through a Qi Men analysis, it was forecasted as a "bad investment". He then asked if this property development was also bad for other investors as well?
The answer is No. In Qi Men Dun Jia, forecasting is based be the client's current state and the outcome could be different for others.

Q5. Are the families in the same building with the same facing but different storeys have the same Feng Shui?
Generally, they are different. It will depend on the influence of the external environment, and also who are the residents.

Q6. Is Number 4 inauspicious in Feng Shui?
Numbers is not part of the consideration in authentic Feng Shui.

Q7. What is the impact of a home with missing sector(s)?
It really depends where will be the missing sector. Somehow, I've come across some singles or divorcees having their northwest sector of the home missing. As this sector represents the man of the house, the elder man or husband might have no affinity to this house, either their career or business require them to travel for overseas assignment or need to work late. Some will somehow prefer to stay out late than to be at home.

Q8. Is the Feng Shui of North-South facing houses good?
Generally, many will prefer North-South facing house as they could be "cooler" with no direct sun into the houses. However, it will also consider whether the house layout is efficient as well as what's outside the vicinity of the house. For example, having a cross junction or road exiting in the Southeast of a South facing home may be bad Feng Shui as it could disturb one of the environmental sha qi or killing forces.

Q9. Is my home facing a lake good Feng Shui?
Many will agree that houses facing water, like swimming pool, lake, will command a premium. However, in Feng Shui, water location in the wrong place would mean wealth loss and health problems knocking at your door.

Q10. Someone asks me what could be the impact where his or her home faces the mrt railway or highway, Feng Shui per se?
In Feng Shui, they all depends how far, how high and how noisy from your home. You may also be aware how they are entering and leaving the vicinity of your home which could affect your life endeavours.

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