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Commonly Asked Questions
For a Clearer Picture from the Uncertainties

Q11. A property investor is asking whether Property Investment requires a Feng Shui analysis as she is not living there?
The answer is Yes and No.
Yes because indeed it will not affect her directly. She can purchases a property that has a great view, especially facing the lake or pool view and leaving the property as a legacy for her loved ones, then this is good enough.
No if her purpose is for investment and would want to capitalise within the next 5-15 years, then Feng Shui is preferred as Feng Shui varies with time; what's good today might not be good forever and vice versa.
Feng Shui can also play a role in ascertaining a good-value and timely property for investment within this time span.

Q12. Is a property facing water, such as swimming pool, lake, waterway good Feng Shui as it is a common belief that water is wealth?
In Feng Shui, water is commonly used for wealth creation. As Feng Shui varies with time, it depends whether the water bodies are seen or located in the right location during this period.

Q13. A business owner is asking whether there is any basis from Feng Shui that why his to-be awarded service contract from his customer was last minute cancelled and later found that it was awarded to another company, and this was not the first time he encountered?
My advice to him is to observe if there was any negative form of energy or Sha Qi in the vicinity where his company resides as this would ultimately result in poor business performance.. Most likely a “Peeking Tom” Sha (探头煞) could be presence in the surrounding. In Feng Shui, this denotes things or assets could be taken away or “robbed” from you directly or indirectly. In his case, the service contract was taken away from him.

Q14. Is staying in a Highrise apartment good Feng Shui?
Many will want to live in a skyscraper and high-rise apartment as you might capture great view at the top. But if you are staying, especially in the top floors of a One Tower development and its standout exceptionally tall where the rest of the residential developments in its vicinity are relatively much lower, then it is bad Feng Shui, known as "孤峰独秀". In Feng Shui context, winds or Sha Qi (negative energies) from all directions could be directed to your apartment and this could affect the health and well being of the occupants. So beware.

Q15. How to determine the facing of my home?
When it comes to the orientation of the building, many still can’t decide what is the facing of their home, especially those new developments. In some Feng Shui principles, the facing of a property plays an important role in determining the House Energy Map to ascertain the good and bad sectors of the house. Hence, defining the wrong facing would be disastrous. Generally many will take the main door as the facing of their home, some will take the balcony facing, while some will take reference of the building, the main road or garden park as the facing.

Q16. Someone has asked if you are renting a house for short-term occupancy (I assumed the tenancy is a 2 year lease period), do they need to analyse the quality of the Feng Shui in the rented home as they are not the owner?
Feng Shui will always affect those who stay in the house, whether they are the owners or tenants of the property.

Q17. In 2017, both the Annual Afflictions (Three Killings and Year Breaker) and the Wealth energy reside in the East sector. So is the East a Good or Bad sector to avoid?
Good and Bad. For example, you can fall sick or meet an accident, and yet be wealthy.

Q18. Is there a "cure" for homes with Missing Sector(s)?
Generally, there isn't any. Although some would suggest installing mirrors to "hide" the missing sectors, it doesn't really help as missing sector means the area is physically missing.

Q19. Does the most expensive or luxurious apartment always have good Feng Shui?
The answer is No, although there are some apartments that are expensive in real estate value and have good quality of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is about improving the quality of your life, and helps to achieve your goals. A property that is expensive, or has good capital gain returns in the past, may not necessarily have the Feng shui setup that supports your life goals.

Q20. Do I need to check Feng Shui for Rented Houses?
Checking Feng Shui for rented houses is important because it can improve the energy flow and overall harmony of the living space, leading to greater well-being and success for the occupants. Proper Feng Shui can also help attract positive opportunities, relationships, and abundance. Additionally, it can address potential issues such as health concerns, financial instability, and relationship problems.

By assessing and adjusting the Feng Shui of a rented house, tenants can create a more supportive environment that enhances their overall quality of life and supports their goals and aspirations.
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