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Commonly Asked Questions
For a Clearer Picture from the Uncertainties

Q21. What is the Five Yellow Sha and its impact to our lives?
Five Yellow sha (五黄煞) is a negative energy associated with the number five in Feng Shui. It's believed to cause misfortune, accidents, financial loss, and other kinds of bad luck. This harmful energy moves around each year, affecting different parts of a property, making it essential to identify its location and take measures to counteract its effects.

Hence, Five Yellow sha is considered a significant aspect of Feng Shui that should be taken seriously and addressed appropriately to avoid negative consequences. It is best to avoid large scale construction, renovation, and minor house repair works as much as possible where the negative energy resides.

Q22. Why trees planted too near to your windows can be disastrous?
Natural greenery such as trees, plants, and garden landscapes hold significant importance in creating positive energy according to Feng Shui principles. Apart from shielding against direct sunlight and offering shade, they also aid in maintaining a pristine and invigorating environment.

To avoid the occurrence of Yin Sha (阴煞) problems, it's best to steer clear of trees that are located in close proximity to your home, particularly those outside the windows. These trees have the potential to obstruct natural light from entering your living spaces, causing occupants to feel despondent and attracting negative influences such as petty people, deception, and hidden danger. In addition, such trees may also act as an obstacle, restricting the opportunities of the occupants.

Hence, for those who are buying a house or low-level unit in a building, remember to look through your windows to check for such situations.

Q23. Why staying just above a void or entrance to the car park could attract negative vibes?
In general, it is not favourable to stay above a void or driveway, especially just above the entrance to the carpark, owing to the unstable Qi flow. This could affect the well-being of the residents, and this can lead to a sense of insecurity, stress, and anxiety.

Unfortunately, as it is a physical negative form (刑煞), there is no effective remedial action to this situation, although one might use plants or screens to block the view of the void or carpark entrance, to minimize the impact and with the intend to promote vitality and growth.

If there is a choice, it is best to avoid staying one, or living one that keep a distance from it.

Q24. Is having a kitchen in the Northwest sector of the house unfavourable in the context of Feng Shui?
Generally, it may lead to the “Fire burning the Heavenly Gate”, popularly known as 火燒天门. There is a concern that this could affect the men staying in the house relating to their well-being, and wealth matters. The negative impact could worsen should the exterior of the Northwest also has any negative structures, such as Wind-gap, Building edges, etc.

Depending on the situation, there are ways to reduce this impact. One such fixes is using elemental cures. And if you are not using the kitchen very often, the negativities could be reduced.

Q25. Is water coming from the North towards their home is good for Feng Shui?
It depends. While it is favorable to receive water from the North for the upcoming 20 years as next year will be the starting point of Period 9, one must also observe that water does not exit in the Southwest or West direction from your home, as it might violate negative water affliction bringing about disharmony and monetary loss to the residents.

Q26. Is Kitchen stove at the Main Door area good Feng Shui?
There is a Chinese saying: 开门见灶,财钱多耗 which literally translated as "If you can see the Kitchen's Stove when opening the Main Door, you will be losing Wealth". A common statement made by many indicating a sign of wealth loss. However, It is not so mystical that whenever someone can see the stove from the main door you lose wealth.

This could mean that the Stove is located close to the Main Door, and as the Stove can signify fire energy, if it is strong, it might disrupt energy or Qi flow into the house from the Main Door, affecting the wealth and well-being of the occupants as the Main Door and Stove govern the Wealth and Heath aspects of the occupants respectively. Not to worry excessively as it may not be a major concern for those who do not do heavy cooking, and may not have the luxury to wok-hei your food in smaller built homes.

Q27. Why Dumbbell Home Layout is related to Missing Sectors, and their impact on the occupants?
Dumbbell Home Layouts are renowned for efficient living spaces and investment potential. While widely loved, it's crucial to consider the downsides of missing sectors. As an example, North-facing homes will have their Northeast and Northwest sectors absent. This absence can impact the affinity for male occupants, potentially affecting their endearvors in life, for good or bad.

Similarly, South-facing homes may influence occupants of the opposite sex. Elevate your living experience with comprehensive insights into home layouts and Feng Shui harmony.

Q28. Is there a way to make our current home, occupied since the 1970s, align with Period 9 Feng Shui, or is it necessary to consider relocating to a new home for compliance?
The key factor lies in leveraging the auspicious areas within your home. For residences constructed prior to February 4, 2024, a house change might not be essential. Instead, consider making slight adjustments to reposition your living spaces and harness the beneficial energies of Period 9 for the upcoming two decades. If unsure about your home's Period 9 compliance, seek professional assistance for a thorough assessment and potential enhancements.
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