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Feng Shui DNA+ Analyzer
Maximizing Your Property Potential with Feng Shui

Feng Shui DNA+ is a web application developed to provide the following features:
* Your Favourable/Unfavourable Directions
* Your Personal Day Pillar and Life Essential Indicators based on your Date of Birth
* Your Perferred Floor Levels
* Your Property Favourable/Unfavourable Sectors
* Your House's Energy Map
* Water Feng Shui Energies
* Annual and Monthly Flying Star Energies Map
* Qi Men Annual and Monthly Doors Energies Map
* The Annual Afflictions and Auspicious sectors
* The Mountain and Water Timeliness sectors

It is based on various classicial principles for Short and Long Term Feng Shui assessment using your Year of Birth, Property Facing and Move-In Year.

To Access Analyzer

* Important to Note *
Access to this analyzer is available through invitation to those who have engaged in a Feng Shui Consultation or Course with AffinityConsulting.biz.

Usage is for a duration of 12 months from the time of activation.

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