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Lentor Mansion

The article hopes to serve as an example to share the knowledge of Classical Feng Shui principles that could be used to assess the Feng Shui quality of the property with its environment.

Lentor Mansion
In Feng Shui, where your home is located and how it's positioned are really important. If your home is in a good spot and facing the right direction, it can bring you lots of benefits.

For example, Lentor Mansion is in a great location where Lentor Hills Road and Lentor Garden meet. This spot which serves as the Qi Mouth for this area, is believed to gather lots of positive energy or Qi which can benefit the people who live in the Lentor precinct. According to an environmental Feng Shui principle, some South facing homes here might bring good luck in making money, especially from real estate or property work. Some produces professionals and above average corporate personnel, while some might be better for people who have demanding careers or occupations that require a lot of physical work.

A handful of the homes could be even luckier if you place water in the right spot, attracting even more opportunities for wealth, conforming to a wealth enhancing Feng Shui technique popularly known as Five Ghost Carry Treasure or ‘五鬼运财’ in Chinese. There is a concern that some homes might violate environmental afflictions, like the Eight Killings Force from its neighbours, leading to monetary loss or health problem.

Nevertheless, each home in Lentor Mansion has its own advantages, making a big difference in how much fortune and success you attract. So it's important to choose carefully, evaluate it strength and weakness if you're considering living there in the next 20 years of Period 9 and beyond.

Contact me and I will be glad to share more with you on Lentor Mansion if you are considering not only to nest your next Dream Home here, but also investing on a good roof over your head with Feng Shui attributes.

The information represented in the above article: Selecting a Good Property is an analysis that provides you with a general overview of some of the property recommendations using some of the new project launches or existing properties based on Feng Shui principles. For a detailed analysis, you are advised to consult a professional Metaphysics consultant. We will not be responsible to you or any third parties for any direct or indirect, consequential, special or punitive damages or loses you may incur in connection with this analysis. You will bear the risk of any liability relating to this analysis.

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